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 GLASS... Latest!

And for 2021.....  off at a new tangent!

I’m working on some new ideas which involve multi layering, using a combination of 2 and 3 mm glass, transparent, iridescent and occasionally opaque glass, and a lot of precision cutting. They are very difficult, challenging and time consuming to create.


The plates here are all 12 cm square. They are gently curving to catch the light and emphasis the line and colours.


These two sets of plates have a bottom layer of iridescent glass  which catches the light at certain angles.

Chopstix 1 (left) is 20 cm square whilst Chopstix 2 is 12 cm square

This little group are my Sunflower series - mainly opal glass and sunflower stringers.... So cheerful! And so hard to do! The air here was blue for a few days!!