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 Latest paintings....


I’ve developed a new way of showing my acrylic paintings.

I have mounted my paintings on acid-free canvases and, with a coat of archival varnish, they are as sturdy and tough as any oil or acrylic painting directly on canvas.

This means that you can see my paintings just as they are supposed to be seen - fresh and vibrant and without the interruption of glass reflections or wide mounts.

This suits some of the paintings very much.

It also makes them lighter and easier to hang and you can see the deckled edges of the paper too, showing you exactly what these paintings are - acrylic paintings on heavy watercolour paper on cotton canvas.







This is the first of a series of acrylic paintings directly onto canvas which I have been working on. It’s 60x 60cms.


I call it ‘Sky Blue Dreams’.







Some of my latest acrylic paintings on watercolour paper are quite bijoux compared to my largest paintings, being just 30 x 30 cm square.


As with my other acrylic paintings, they are composed and built up of many layers of paint. I add and remove paint, letting the painting rest for days between working sessions.

I like to reveal the light or the dark within each piece.  I want each to glow with colour and vibrancy and to draw you into them  so that you become an essential part of the creative process as interpreter of the elemental world I want to share with you.....

.... wild soaring mountains, thick woods or ancient rivers, hot running volcanic lava or portals into mysterious dark places...

All are inspired by the essence of nature.



The red & the gold paintings have sold