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Prints: Gallery 1



A Collagraph print is printed from a plate that is composed of other materials in the manner of a collage.

The plates from which I produced these prints  were made using card, papers, glues, strings and various other things - all of which created an embossed, textured and exciting surface when printed onto the watercolour paper.

Each of these prints is uniquely hand-coloured and hand-printed using a press.

They have a very organic fluidity and energy.

Sizes vary from 30 x 30,  30 x 60, and 40 x 50 cms.



Between 2007 and 2011 I had access to the Sunderland University print workshop and was able to work on some ideas I had, producing, in the end, 11 series of screen prints.


These were mono-type screen prints - all unique and individual but worked on in the same session each time, using the same screen to work with.

They have an energy, spontaneity, excitement and fluidity about them.

Here is a sample of some of them.




Four from Series 3

Size 37 x 53 cms

Three from Series 4

Size 70 x 100 cms

Three from Series 6

Size 70 x 100 and

37 x 53 cms

Four from Series 8, 9, &10

Size 30 x 30 cms

Two from Series 5

Size 70 x 100 cms